Commissioner Janez Potočnik: What will today’s interns be doing in 2030?

Commissioner Potočnik participated in a fascinating event on Thursday with interns from all different institutions across Brussels. The topic of the event was ‘What will you be doing in 2030?’ The skills and expertise young professionals will need to tackle future environmental challenges. The Commissioner answered questions from the moderator, Carmen Păun, from European Youth Press, and then took two video questions from young professionals in Denmark and the Philippines, before fielding questions from some of the 100 interns present.

The Commissioner shared his experiences of how he got to where he is today and what he recommended to young interns starting out: ‘keep your feet on the ground, fight those above you, and don’t be afraid of having people smarter that you below you’.  He said that in the future, whilst there would certainly be more jobs in fields directly related to environmental challenges such as air and water quality, the growth of resource efficiency in Europe will mean that ‘all jobs will be “green jobs”’.

The Commissioner said that today the environment was a feature in every facet of policy making, ‘energy policy is environment policy, fishing policy is environment policy, trade policy is environment policy, development policy is environment policy. You cannot avoid it.’

Potocnik Event 1 Potocnick Event 5 Potocnik Event 2 Potocnik Event 3 Potocnick Event 4 Potocnik Event 6


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