Connie Hedegaard on Post Doha: the role of young professionals in climate change talks


Discussing the future of our global climate alongside careers for young professionals was the aim of an event hosted by UNEP in Brussels on 13 December. In the wake of climate change COP18 in Qatar, interns from all walks of Brussels life dialogued with the Commissioner on both the substance of negotiations and their place in the process. As well as giving her views on the recent talks, Commissioner Hedegaard said that she was proud to have many young people in their 20s and 30s on the EU team, who benefit from those who have been involved in the complex negotiations for many years. When asked about which sectors young professionals should get involved in to support the kind of agreements she expected in the 2015 global deal, the Commissioner “all sectors plus more.” “We have to make a more fundamental shift in our economy,” she said, adding that how we make growth in the future will be a decisive factor in the fight against climate change.

The event was organised by UNEP in partnership with the European Youth Press and Debating Europe. To continue the debate online join the follow-up discussion on the DebatingEurope website here. If you would like to stay in touch with news from the European Youth Press, you can subscribe  via or like the Facebook page.


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